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Executive Chef Richard Babcock:

Owner and Executive Chef Richard Babcock comes with an illustrious career in the culinary field.

One of the first graduates from Johnson County Community Colleges highly recognized culinary program, Chef Babcock started his culinary career working in several country clubs in the Kansas City area.  He honed his skills creating menus for various club events. Each menu was as special and unique as  the event that  was being given.

After several years on the club circuit, Chef Rich went on to become the Executive Chef for the Kansas City Royals. He planned menus for the team of the KC Royals as well as the visiting baseball team.  In addition, he was responsible for the menus for the VIP club member suites.  On any given game day, he was responsible for feeding well over 2000 people. He was in charge of a staff of 30 and oversaw 5 kitchens.  Chef Rich was proud to serve the Kansas City Royals for over 16 years.

After leaving the Royals, Chef Rich returned to country clubs until he and his wife founded Ambrosia Catering.

With experience like this, you know the food at your event will be exquisite and the catering will go off without a glitch.

Executive Director Coleen Babcock,

Coleen Babcock has been a business owner for 15 years. She started a communications company in 2000. She ran this company until 2007 when she sold her interest in the company to her business partner.  Coleen has over 30 years experience in sales and accounting. 

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